Wedding ceremony

The time finally arrived when I would complete my duties as mother of the bride and escort my daughter down the aisle. Fattima is a huge Carrie Underwood fan and has been to 3 or 4 of her concerts. She chose to have Mama’s song by Carrie Underwood playing as we made our walk. 42402412_10157049029180101_1331384753034625024_n

The words hold great meaning for us and as we listened  over the years we never imagined that this day would really come! We talked and walked carefully through the grass until we reached a seating area just down the hill. I hugged Ben and took my place on a bench in front.


A priest performed the ceremony and gave wonderful insights into love and the merging of two people of different faiths. 42391160_10157048983060101_5372222094010482688_n (1)

Guests were asked to surround the couple during a prayer, offering them support in this journey. It was lovely and very heartfelt. 42362266_10157048977140101_6077035547363115008_n1-e1538178967997

Meanwhile our two little boys (the ring bearers) walked in and out of vines and down the hill just behind Fattima and Ben. They slowly took their suspenders off and played quietly, adding a beautiful and sweet element to this union. Bennett was tired of playing and decided to come forward. He stood near his aunties who were serving as bridesmaids and whispered, “Dee Dee, Dee Dee” and then called for auntie “Maya” as well. Aiden took his place behind his daddy (a groomsman) also quietly talking to him. It was priceless watching them, allowed to roam near the wedding party and take their place in this new family. Before the wedding Ben remarked that the next day he would truly become an uncle. I am sure Bennett, Aiden and Alayna smirked, knowing it had been true all along.

As soon as the couple walked out they took more pictures and then returned where guests were waiting for brunch. 42453954_10157048977980101_2657705146921779200_n (1)Food was served followed by toasting, dancing and a cool breeze.

The first dance was reserved for the bride and groom and they danced to So close

The five brothers took turns dancing to Whenever you remember 

The boys were unsure about dancing but in the end they switched off and made it special. Little did we know that Heme would come through and make a dramatic ending to this brother-sister dance.  He eagerly cut in and took over after Mude.  Everyone laughed and clapped and enjoyed his performance! Fattima dipped her youngest sibling and the dance came to a close!

Ben and his mother danced and then his father stepped in. His Grandparents                      won the dance for the longest years married and then the dance floor was                            opened up for everyone.

The couple cut their cake and visited with guests. IMG_20180923_130956 (1)

While the wedding was elegant in every way it was also practical and relaxed. There were over 60 children present and all were welcome to color and play games that had been placed at kids tables and of course the highlight was a visit to Fattima and Ben’s candy shoppe!IMG_0391

Ben’s grandfather offered to take the newlyweds from the wedding to the hotel. But first my boys wanted to take a look at the car he had renovated. It was he and his beautiful wife’s first new vehicle and had been left behind years before. With care, skill and love it was restored to its glory days. Heme and his brothers took a look at this magnificent vehicle.

Everyone gathered to see this cool ride and waved as they drove off!

IMG_E0786 (1)


87 thoughts on “Wedding ceremony

  1. The photographs and descriptions have been an absolute delight Lynn. Thank you so much for sharing this special event with us. Time for you to sit down and have a rest now I think. Hugs, and best wishes to the happy couple for a long, happy, and healthy life together.

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  2. What a fun celebration, with everyone from Fattima’s mother. Brothers, nephews to Ben’s grandfather escorting the newly wed couple in his restored car to 60 children visiting the Candy Shoppe! Everyone had a unique place to celebrate and enjoy the festivities! Thank you, Lynn, for sharing this wonderful day’s highlights with us. Xoxo

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    • Thanks so much! I never thought a day like this would come. I really never saw much hope of finding such a wonderful, stand up guy! We were not allowed music, pictures, gifts or frills. So this was my dream as well as Fattima’s dream! She truly is Ben’s princess! xo

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  3. Such a fun day! I love that they had coloring and games for all the children too! I noticed you have your sweater on in one picture and the sky looks a little cloudy in another, so it must have gotten cooler later in the day? Still it looks like the weather was perfect! 😀❤️

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  4. What a beautiful wedding in a picturesque place! Every moment must have been a joy for you and family. Lovely photos to remember this happy day! Thanks so much for sharing all the celebrations leading up to the wedding too. 🎶🎉 Christine

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  5. What a dream wedding. I always love to see those open-air weddings. You were so blessed with the weather. What a wonderful thing that you escorted your daughter. So, they took off pretty soon? Did they leave for the honeymoon right away?
    It is also interesting for me to see the differences in the wedding traditions. Over here you have a big party going all evening until deep into the night.
    I am so happy for you and the whole family that it was such a beautiful day!
    Thank you for sharing, Lynn 💖

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  6. oh lynn!!!! I have tears in my eyes reading and looking at these beautiful photos. where you came from and where you are now!! and what really melted my heart is all the brothers dancing with their sister. Oh lynn – your heart must be so full. you should be so proud. you are such a wonderful mom and grandma – even with all you’ve been through. you deserve so much happiness and love! sending hugs and love ❤

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  7. Wonderful pictures. Lynn. The bride and groom are a beautiful couple. The wedding is a perfect expression of the family you created with your love and the values you passed down. I love how you included the many children. The little boys are priceless. A glorious occasion! ❤

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  8. Wow, Lynn! What a beautiful and fabulous wedding! I enjoyed seeing all the photos and hearing about it all! Fatima is such a beautiful beautiful bride and Ben is such a handsome groom! You looked stunning in your dress too! I wish the couple a very happy happy life together! xoxoxoxo

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  9. Dear Lynn( Ben and Fattima),
    Wishing you all the blessings and love from a woman with 26 years under her marital belt to a newly wed. I don’t know much yet about marriage but I can tell you that being together on a journey is the best thing in a world where so much is in disarray and so much is uncertain.
    God bless and cement your relationship with love, plenty of laughs, long walks, love, lots of sweets and everything else nice.

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