Happy birthday mom


This weekend we celebrated Mom’s 84th birthday.


The dinner was simple and fairly easy to put together. We made a green salad, Yusuf and Sumaya cut potatoes and prepared homemade wedges. Ben brought smoked chicken and Fattima made rolls. I made one of mom’s favorites, Peanut butter pie!

My sister is visiting from Saudi Arabia and was eager to see her nieces and nephews. She drove with mom and dad from the lake and suggested a simple home cooked meal for the birthday girl.Β  Mom requested my peanut butter pie instead of birthday cake. I made two of them and sent some home with her. The birthday girl wanted no gifts but rejoiced in being with her two daughters, grandkids and of course grampa! Mom and Dad bothΒ  remind us regularly that they are in need of nothing but love to spend time with family.

We watched the newlyweds open gifts from Auntie!

It was a relaxing day and so good to see my sis! She looked over my poetry book and was very supportive! We will be catching up more later and I will write a post about our time together, but for now Happy birthday Mom! IMG_0953

Love Lynniepooh

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