Own your freedom

The other day I took my usual walk. Along the way I thought of everything I needed to do

img_0127I picked up the pace and thought it was time to head home. At that moment watching the leaves and beauty that surrounded me it occurred to me that I own my freedom! I can do as I please.



I walked to the arboretum and took some pictures and truly felt free for the first time in years! I vow to live each day in joy and to find happiness in the beauty of life here and now.IMG_0097


47 thoughts on “Own your freedom

  1. Lynz, these are absolutely beautiful photos. Owning our freedom on a walk such as yours is marvelous. So glad to hear of your most excellent walk. Thank you for sharing the photos and sentiments. All my best to you. -JoHanna

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  2. I love this post as it struck a personal chord. I feel like I have not owned my own freedom lately and am making that vow to do so…time goes too quickly. I enjoyed your fall photos because down here in Texas (along with all of the rain) things are still very green! πŸ™‚

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  3. Such a beautiful area of the United States. I once knew a teacher working with me in the UAE who was from Coeur D’Ailene (?). It seemed so beautiful to me that I wondered why he left his teaching job there for the desert. It is definitely an undiscovered still part of the country. I love this steps. Are those in the town or near your home?

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  4. Hello sister, I guess I was a little behind on your post, I always read them on Facebook but it won’t let me comment on the blog. I am loving all your pictures, and family stories and watching those little ones grow up. I can believe she is keeping her older brothers in check, LOL she’s is an angel for sure. Enjoy the holidays sister and yes you are free, no one to answer to but yourself !! Sending you much love and lots of hugs..XX

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