The list

This weekend was spent playing catch up on household work, scheduling as well as cooking. I am a list type of person and if you don’t know what that means I will enlighten you. There are menus, daily lists, hourly schedules, agendas and an assortment of variations in between. My mother has always been organized and everything is planned to the letter while I am more of a loose planner. Having spent the past 32 years keeping a household of nine children in order there have been numerous concessions with my obsessive planning and I have learned that nothing is written in stone, concrete or even sand. Lists serve more as a reminder of important things that need my attention and they keep our world in fairly good order. So this weekend and even today I am tweaking my schedule, knowing full well that it is always “tentative at best”.dsc_0048 (1)

For Black Friday my oldest children gave me some money to go shopping and I ended up purchasing a new camera. It has a zoom lens and I have always wanted one! I am excited to start watching tutorial videos so that I can be familiar with my new camera and learn the details of how to take truly amazing photos.

As I mentioned last week, I am embarking on a new journey and one that means a great deal to me.  I have started testing my recipes and will add tips, adjust ingredients and measurements where needed and of course, shoot new photos. The book will be in color and will have a picture of each dish after preparation is complete. My middle child has encouraged this project and cooks from my blog often, so he has offered to test each recipe and add suggestions for tips and directions. I loved working on the poetry book and now am excited for this new adventure.

Yesterday I made sambusa or cheese pillows as my mother nicknamed them years ago on her annual trips to Saudi.  They are a delicious pastry, filled with a mix of ricotta, feta and mozzarella cheese. I posted my recipe on the blog a couple of years ago and instead of the traditional deep frying we opted to bake these delectable little morsels. The kids have been asking for them for months and so yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and made a double batch. This time I fried them much to everyone’s delight.

We also decorated the tree that Mom and Dad gave us as they have now chosen to scale down once again. We removed the lights, added our decorations from last year and placed our smaller tree downstairs. IMG_20181202_101320

Overall it was a quiet and relaxing weekend spent around the house reviewing pictures from Thanksgiving and preparing for the month ahead!

Happy holidays

56 thoughts on “The list

  1. What fun a new camera !! I can not wait for your cook book! I will be first in line for sure. I have always drooled as I look at your wonderful yummy plates of goodness through out the time I have been following you. LOL I sound a little like a food a-holic and yep, my name is kathy and I am LOL The tree looks wonderful. MY daughter is a list person, very organized and like you she does know that its not set in stone ! My husband soon learned that yes, we could make a list for the grocery store but its not all we buy while we are there. LOL I have been wanting to get a new camera myself, let me know what you think of yours after your tutorials? Well its a cold one here this morning down to 36″ But I must say it sure is nice to get to wear coats, sweaters and my big fuzzy bathrobe. LOL have a fantastic week my friend, Happy Holidays to you….XXXXXkat

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  2. Lynn, glad you made the cheese pillows for your family and made them happy. They sound delectable! Your cookbook will be a work of art. Your taste taster will make sure they taste fantastic and with your new camera, your photos will invite us to run to the kitchen to make the recipes. xoxo

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  3. I am not a list person, and in fact the older I get the less plans I am involved in the more I like it. My husband on the other hand is very list friendly. I think he makes up for me in spades. Wonderful photo’s as always Lyn.

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  4. Your tree is beautiful! Since Baby Girl and #1 Grandson have moved out to their own house He-Man and I only put up our small tree this year. Big Baby Boy and his lady will come home for Christmas, but we’ll be going to Baby Girl’s for dinner and spending time there with their BIG tree so paring down my decorations feels good this year.

    How exciting to get a new camera! Did you get the kit with the 70-300mm telephoto lens?
    As you know I’m a Nikon gal. I hope you’re very happy with your new camera as I am with my Nikon kit, and enjoy your zoom lens! There’s a whole new world out there for you to see with that. 😃📷


  5. As a fellow list person, I get what you’re saying here and after many years of being so regimented have relaxed my planning a bit mainly for my sanity. Congratulations on your newest venture Lynn, it sounds so exciting. The sambusa in the photos sure looks yummy and what a beautiful Christmas tree.

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