Blogging put on hold


Almost two weeks ago I received the honor of having three special guests arrive!

I was confident that it would be quite easy to keep up with my friends in blogging world and of course there were many photos and stories to share!

After all, Grama had a special helper this time who agreed to spend her days changing diapers, playing games, chasing twins through the house and caring for a little princess.

Cooking, baking and crafts commenced as the three little babies were snug at Grama’s house. Meanwhile Mother and Father were off on a family adventure that had been planned for a year. They were now sad about leaving their babies but were assured that everything would be fine!Β img_8643

Days were spent laughing, cooking, baking and doing crafts, all with their aunts and uncles.

Days ticked by until the first little one got a stomach virus, followed by his brother, then his aunt (the helper) and eventually his youngest uncle. Grama tended to sick babies, scrubbing and wiping. Care was given in the form of hugs, fluids and watchful eyes. At last everyone seemed well and low and behold six days had quickly passed. Plans to go to the science center, play place and other Christmas events had been dashed. Auntie Fon Fon and her trusty helper Ben managed a trip to a local town hosting a Christmas extravaganza.

Mom and Dad sent photos of their out and about time

Grama and Alayna were home alone and so it was time for a photo shoot.

Auntie Fon Fon took the boys to a local play place that proved to be total fun and will be a destination in the future.

Meals were eaten at their new table

Babies were tucked into bed

And finally day nine arrived and it was time to say goodbye. Mommy and Daddy finished their adventure.

Bags were packed, wash was done and final moments were shared.

Blogging had long since been given up on and Grama was sure that everyone would understand. Special moments like these don’t come around all the time.IMG_3229

Happy holidays everyone!IMG_20181202_101320

71 thoughts on “Blogging put on hold

  1. What fun! I’ve been stuck on how to write a memoir and then while walking the other day you and your strategy popped into my mind…write stories as I think of them. Thank you for that idea. and Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

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  2. Lynz, You have such a wonderful family and spending dedicated time with them when you are able should always take first priority as they grow up so fast. Us your bloggers will always be here and no problem when you need to take a break and spend quality time with your precious loved ones.
    I have been slowing down a bit in my blogging as well recently, but primarily due to my health issues. Still dealing with a lot of pain and discomfort from my recent second surgery and hate to write negative blogs when I am hurting. I like to be uplifting and don’t need to be pessimistic when things are not going well with me health wise. Hopefully all this will eventually turn around and I can feel semi-normal again. Haven’t been getting out much lately and have been canceling a lot of my holiday events. Every so often, I do try to go but being very selective. Went to a boat parade last night since my group was actually participant sin the parade and we had been in the planning phase for so long. Just hated to miss this annual Holiday event. With a lot of padding and pain meds, I managed to get thru the night somehow and when you eventually see my photos, if you didn’t know what I had been thru recently you would think all was okay. I put on a good front when I do get out and try not to complain to others I’m with. No need to lessen the fun all are having. Luv, Gary

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  3. Oh the joy of being a grandma!! Those smiles on those babies faces, it tells us everything ! I bet they didn’t even miss mommy or daddy. Who would when your at Grandmas place. I envy you my friend, I don’t very often say out loud that I miss the not having the chance to be a grandma, but I do. I would never want either of my kids to live a life that there not happy in, and both have decided that a life without babies is what they want. I am happy for them, but in reality, I am sad for me. I love that you share your grandbabies with all of us. Thank you…xxx

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