I have been totally absent from my blog for months. Testing and working on the cookbook has taken up most of my time. Family and friends have agreed to volunteer at testing recipes and now things are wrapping up. There have been several proofs made and the main work is now being done on formatting and making the book look as professional as possible. Testing still continues but on a smaller scale.

I have thought of my special friends and have missed you dearly! Thank you for thinking of me and for caring.

Many things have happened in the course of these months. High school graduation, College graduation, a Wedding and baby sitting the babies. Fattima and Ben went to London and Italy. Osama and Jacki went to Hawaii and Sumaya went to Disney world!

A big thank you to my good friend Marci over at koolaidmoms. She helped my daughter and her best friend plan their Disney World trip and that made all the difference!

Osama and Jacki went to Hawaii and I got to spend time with my grandbabies!

Meanwhile the newlyweds (who are coming up on one year) had a fantastic experience visiting London and various places in Italy!

Another huge change has been the addition of a new baby! I grew up with pets but given our situation it was forbidden.ย  I never imagined having a special little friend again.ย  Finally my kids convinced me to take the plunge and it is amazing!

Have a great day and so good to see you all once again!59918abb-8d1e-4966-8d52-7704224b4e01



78 thoughts on “Cookbook

  1. So good to see you, Lynn! And wonderful to hear what exciting times there have been for you. My daughter and her husband went to Hawaii too last month. So funny! Welcome to the new family member. Gosh, what a cutie ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. HELLO you have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I was just thinking your cookbook should be just about ready, I for one can’t wait. Love all the pictures of the family, my those grandbabies have grown. I love your new baby. Such a cutie. Nothing like the love of a pet, so unconditional and always happy to see you. Glad to see you back on here. SO do we have a date for the book launch? Life is good for us. Hope to see you on here a bit more. XXXsisterkat

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  3. I’ve missed you, Lynn. How wonderful to see the photos, learn about all the fun going on in your life, the new four-legged baby, and most of all the work on your cookbook! Congrats on your progress. Have a wonderful day reconnecting with blog friends. โค

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  4. I totally understand about the time it takes to prepare a cookbook. I too am working on a cookbook and I had totally ignored my blog. Over the summer I decided to start blogging again which I love and my cookbook was on hold. Time to get back to it! Enjoyed reading your post

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  5. Wow Lynn, you have been busy. When do you expect the cookbook to be published? The photos of the dishes included in this post are so delicious looking. Beautiful photos of your family and so glad to hear that everyone is doing well and exploring the world. Love your little furkid as well!! Have a fabulous rest of the weekend!! ~Steph

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