Hit publish!

Hi to all of my friends and new followers! You have been dearly missed these past few months. As many of my good friends know, the past year has been full of; baking, cooking, taking photos, testing, re-testing, editing and endless reviewing.  I finally had to say “enough” and am hoping to push the publish button on Monday! I have ordered numerous proofs, changed the cover about 7 times and have had plenty of testing and reviewing by my kids, their fantastic spouses and a special friend of the family.  So here is the final look and I hope to be back on here visiting and having fun on a regular basis as of today!

Thanks for the love and support,




109 thoughts on “Hit publish!

  1. Wow congrats, I have been following your story for a while and even tried a few of your recipes on YouTube, which I loved. But If I am being honest, the cover really needs some work, would love for this to be a hit for your but I’m not sure the cover is eye catching enough. Maybe a graphic designer could help you out, try fiver I am sure there is someone there that can spruce it up for you for a very reasonable price. Anyway good luck and congrats

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  2. Wow! 😀 Lynn, congratulations on you book! It is frightening to hit that publish button … the book looks delightful and inviting! A huge achievement and a first for me – I’ve never come across an indie-published cookbook. Wishing you much luck with ‘Mom Plus Nine Cooks’ (terrific title!). xx

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  3. Hi Dear Lynz, Wonderful News, thank you so much for dropping by as you seem to have fell off of my radar, Congratulations on your New Publication… Your books look amazing!,,, Well done..
    And I know its late..
    But well wishes sent for 2020, Good luck with your promotions…
    Much love your way Lynz..
    Sue ❤

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