Full circle

When I was a child I got my first puppy and promptly named her tickles! Years that followed were filled with other cats and dogs. Animals brought a certain comfort and unconditional love.  It was the norm to have pets in our loving and warm household.

Then I married, had children and moved to the middle east, where we lived for 16 years. Pets were frowned upon and even forbidden in our household. When we moved back to the United States the same rule applied and it was a scary concept to even imagine having a pet.

Finally after ten years of living back home my kids helped me and supported me in fulfilling this dream. Last March I adopted my Sophie. In  many ways my life has come full circle and I am getting back to the real me! These photos are of my constant companion and sweet baby! She is beautiful, smart and feisty!


56 thoughts on “Full circle

  1. Aww, I am happy for you, Lynn. Pet’s are awesome companions. Since our sweet 19-year-old kitty crossed The Rainbow Bridge, we will be adopting a new kitty once we get back from our trip. We miss her so.

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  2. Shes adorable my friend, I have always had a soft spot for border collies, mine is 2 years old, named Chika, couldn’t imagine life without her! SO happy to hear your coming full circle in life. I am so proud to be called one of your many “sisters” , sending you nothing but love and hugs…Kat

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