Affordable vet care

I adopted my Sophie almost a year ago! She is an amazing little girl and constant companion. Someone from blog world told me years ago to get a dog for anxiety. I never imagined I would be able to do that but thanks to my kids and parents I made that decision.

Sophie and I enjoy going out in the backyard several times a day but lately she has been yelping and crying for no apparent reason. Her right paw was so sensitive and she would not allow us to touch it. I have not been successful at clipping her nails and was worried she would have a fit if the Vet office tried, thus causing me anxiety. But yesterday it was totally obvious that there was no choice in the matter.

So I carted her to the Affordable Vet Care where she has been seen several times. They very gently put a soft muzzle on her because she was not going to allow anyone to help her otherwise! The vet hugged her as did the assistant. They were amazing and now my baby is ready to run and play again. Thanks to these places that make services available for a reasonable cost! In a world that might seem cold and insensitive at times, there are many people who are more than willing to be everyday heroes!

29 thoughts on “Affordable vet care

  1. Ah, she’s cute! I’m glad her paw is going to be better now.

    When Diva Dog was still alive we used a vet like that for her shots, and flea meds, but if she got sick we took her to the vet, and when she got older and developed heart disease she was at the vet’s quite a bit. It got very pricey in the end, but she was worth it.

    I’m so glad she’s helping you with your anxiety! I’ll get another dog myself, but not for a while yet. I’m not ready.

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  2. We love them so much, hurting them is not an option. I’m so pleased she has been given relief now and perhaps you may not be so afraid to get her help next time, now that you know how caring everyone is. She is a dear little dog Lyn, and they give so much love. X

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  3. Lynn, I’m glad you’ve found comfort and fun with Sophie! πŸ˜€ She looks adorable and must be hopping happy she can run about without pain again. 🐈 Vets are very expensive in England as well … and there are various insurance schemes one can take out although when we had our cats we used to take them as and when necessary! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! 🌺

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