11 thoughts on “Flashback love- true life story

  1. I just finished 2-Normal. I checked the “liked” button, but it felt odd. I liked your writing. You have such a strong powerful writing voice with an eye to detail, and the ability to draw the reader…in this case me….into the word world you are creating until it is vivid and real. So I “liked” it for the writing.

    But oh, the actual action and events taking place. Certainly no one should live in such harsh repressive situations. And yet how many women would have to raise their hands in recognition should we ask for a raise of hands in recognition? More than you and I could spend a year counting. And how many more would not raise their hand out of shame, embarrassment or fear? So I “liked” that piece called 2-Normal because it was so honest. And I “liked” it because you have the power to inspire so many because you not only survived to tell your story, but you survived in style and class. People from all over the world make rice pudding using your recipe and love it enough to come back to your website for more ideas on cooking!

    I support the writing of your story big time Lynz!

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  2. Your stories are so vivid, Lynn, I feel like I’m watching a movie of your life. My heart sank when I read that you couldn’t visit your sister. Way to stay strong, and gain a little control over something in your life by cutting your hair.

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