Timeline for life in Saudi

A good friend of mine Sadie’s Nestsadiesnest.com asks me questions about times and places after I post a story. We moved around allot in Saudi so I realized it might be confusing. I am posting a timeline for anyone who follows my story and finds it helpful.This timeline was compiled with the best intentions so if there are any errors I apologize in advance. Here it is and I tried to add pictures if I had them for each time period. Thanks for reading and supporting me!

October 1993

Moved from Seattle to Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Boys attend first school in Riyadh a few blocks from the villa

Lived in Villa with no furniture


June 1994 moved to apartment with no electricity downtown Riyadh

Boys attend second grade at a different school next door to apartment

Saudi 6 (59)

June 1995 Moved to Al-Khobar and into first compound

Boys attend a nice, Westernized school

Picture below is the pool at the compound


June 1996 moved back to Riyadh to large new compound

The two older boys started at a large school in Riyadh.


 June 2002 Moved out of the compound and to a little compound in Riyadh


June 2005 Took the two oldest boys to America to University.

When we came back we moved to a different small compound in Riyadh.


June 2008 moved back to Al-Khobar to Villa


2009 moved back to the United States