Egg turkey bacon croissant

This is a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich that I threw together when we lived in Saudi. It seems silly to even post it as a recipe, but it is one of our quick breakfast alternatives and I thought of it when we made it yesterday! So here it is! It combines eggs, turkey bacon and cheese on a croissant. Very simple and delicious.


4 croissants

4 eggs

8 Pieces of turkey bacon cooked according to package directions

cheddar cheese


Preheat oven to 300 degrees

Place croissants on baking sheet, put cheese on each croissant and

place in oven to toast and melt cheese.


Cook bacon until done

Scramble eggs or make them omelette style


Take croissants out of oven. Place some eggs on each croissant and top with bacon.

Put other half of croissant on top