Easy Hashbrown eggs

I posted a picture of this meal a few months back and finally had time to sit with Soos and get the recipe. We make most everything with fresh ingredients and so of course next time Soos wants to try it with fresh potatoes not frozen.

She always laughs when she looks in the freezer and there is a bag of hashbrowns randomly placed in the front. This is a signal that it is time for her eggs and potatoes! I don’t know why I love this creation but it is so yummy!

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1/2 package of frozen hashbrowns of your choice, we prefer the cubed type that have little bits of peppers in them.

3 eggs

Olive oil for cooking the potatoes

Salt and pepper to taste


Put several Tbs. of olive oil in the bottom of a large non stick pan. Place pan on stove top burner and turn on medium high heat. Let oil heat up for a minute until it is ready, do not let it overheat.

Add potatoes, salt and pepper to taste. Cover pan and let cook, stirring frequently to prevent sticking and burning. Use caution when adding the potatoes the oil is obviously hot and can spatter!

Cook until potatoes are soft and done, approximately 20 minutes (check on the package for directions and cooking times)

Whisk three eggs well, adding salt and pepper as you would for scrambled eggs. Pour prepared eggs over top of cooked potatoes

Turn heat down to medium low, cover eggs and let them cook for approximately 10 minutes (cooking time depends on size of pan used) or until the eggs are looking more solid.


At this point there are two ways to complete this recipe.

  1. When eggs are looking more set and cooked on the bottom, use a large spatula to flip the hashbrowns, of course this can be tricky! If you do this, once flipped, cover and let it cook on this side until done.
  2. If this seems too daring then you can skip flipping and simply pour eggs over the cooked potatoes, cover and let them cook until completely done.

When thouroughly cooked, slide onto a plate and cut into slices.

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Season eggs and potatoes as desired to make more flavorful.