Lady Finger Mousse Pie


Years ago I found the basic idea for this dessert in an old cookbook and as usual I changed things and made it work for me. You can fool around and add other ingredients but this is the basic idea for this beautiful and fun dessert.


1 -2 packages lady fingers

2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup water

1 small container whipping cream plus 1/2 cup white sugar to sweeten

1/4 cup chocolate syrup

2 eggs

Strawberries for decorating

Chocolate syrup for decorating


Using a small spring form pan,

Using a small spring form pan, line bottom and sides with lady fingers. You will need 7-8 lady fingers for the middle layer so reserve these.


Melt the chocolate and water on the stove on low heat until smooth. Turn off heat. Crack 2 eggs and separate them.  Whisk egg yolks well. Add 3 spoons of the hot chocolate mixture into the egg yolks and mix. Return this mixture to the sauce pan and bring to low boil whisking constantly. Let cook for 3 minutes. Remove from stove and cool. Put mixture into refrigerator to completely cool. When it’s ready, mix chocolate with whisk or mixer if needed so that it becomes smooth.

Whip cream and sugar until firm but not too stiff, reserve some for decorating. Gently fold chocolate and whipped cream until well incorporated.

Put this all together

Pour some of the chocolate mixture over the lady finger crust, enough to make a nice _DSC0011layer, (this depends on your pan size)  place reserved lady fingers over chocolate making a middle layer. Pour the rest of the chocolate mixture over lady fingers.Decorate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Chill until set and remove ring from pan. Serve.

17 thoughts on “Lady Finger Mousse Pie

  1. Lyn, this looks like a professional baker and wish a bakery made this so I could buy just a slice. Your creativity and beautiful presentation makes me wonder if where you live you could cater a shower and be paid? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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