Fettuccine Alfredo



This is a rich and wonderful recipe I have used for years for Fettuccine Alfredo. It is creamy and lovely. I whip this up as a quick, busy day meal or add herb encrusted, garlic chicken and broccoli on the side.

In Saudi you cannot get fresh cream and it is very different than the cream we find here in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. I learned the hard way that there are also two varieties, regular and sweetened. As I ran through the store with babies and toddlers in tow, a quick trip to the neighborhood store, I grabbed some cream, paid and ran out the door. I made this simple version of pasta as I had tons of times before. When I served it I saw faces that went from a lovely anticipation to confusion and possibly disgust!!! They told me that it tasted like a strange dessert with pasta and garlic!  I looked and realized I had purchased sweetened whipping cream which I had never seen prior to this experience. Try as I may, I was unable to spice this up and save the meal! So, we had grill cheese sandwiches!


2 cloves garlic peeled, washed and chopped.

1 stick butter

2 1/2 cups whipping cream

2 cups Parmesan cheese

One package Fettuccine noodles

1/2 tsp. dry parsley


Put butter in medium size sauce pan, turn on low heat and melt. Add garlic and saute.  Add cream and whisk well, add cheese, mix and continue cooking.  Let cook on low heat until all ingredients are mixed well and sauce simmers. Add parsley. Turn off heat.

Cook pasta and drain.

Toss with sauce and season to taste



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