Greek Bread


This bread is allot like Pita bread and I use the same basic dough. You can find this under Middle Eastern recipes on my page.

Follow the recipe for Arabic bread dough, knead the dough and cover. Let it double in size. Punch dough down and start making balls. Tuck dough under and pinch to make a ball. Cover balls and let rest for about 20 minutes. Take each ball and flatten out by pushing down with your fingers.


Pick up each piece and move around in a circle to spread and thin it out.


push down on dough making a few small holes throughout bread


Heat a frying pan or griddle and brush lightly with olive oil. When hot, place bread on pan.  The heat should be hot enough to cook bread but not too hot so that it burns without cooking. Repeat brushing pan with olive oil as needed which will probably be after cooking a few batches of bread.


Let bread cook on one side and turn.This process will vary in time depending on how thin your bread is and what type of pan used. Make sure bread is well cooked. Remove from heat and eat with Hummus, Mutabal or anything else you like.