Blogging put on hold



Almost two weeks ago I received the honor of having three special guests arrive!

I was confident that it would be quite easy to keep up with my friends in blogging world and of course there were many photos and stories to share!

After all, Grama had a special helper this time who agreed to spend her days changing diapers, playing games, chasing twins through the house and caring for a little princess.

Cooking, baking and crafts commenced as the three little babies were snug at Grama’s house. Meanwhile Mother and Father were off on a family adventure that had been planned for a year. They were now sad about leaving their babies but were assured that everything would be fine! img_8643

Days were spent laughing, cooking, baking and doing crafts, all with their aunts and uncles.

Days ticked by until the first little one got a stomach virus, followed by his brother, then his aunt (the helper) and eventually his youngest uncle. Grama tended to sick babies, scrubbing and wiping. Care was given in the form of hugs, fluids and watchful eyes. At last everyone seemed well and low and behold six days had quickly passed. Plans to go to the science center, play place and other Christmas events had been dashed. Auntie Fon Fon and her trusty helper Ben managed a trip to a local town hosting a Christmas extravaganza.

Mom and Dad sent photos of their out and about time

Grama and Alayna were home alone and so it was time for a photo shoot.

Auntie Fon Fon took the boys to a local play place that proved to be total fun and will be a destination in the future.

Meals were eaten at their new table

Babies were tucked into bed

And finally day nine arrived and it was time to say goodbye. Mommy and Daddy finished their adventure.

Bags were packed, wash was done and final moments were shared.

Blogging had long since been given up on and Grama was sure that everyone would understand. Special moments like these don’t come around all the time.IMG_3229

Happy holidays everyone!IMG_20181202_101320

Grama’s staycation

Last week at this time we were preparing to leave and head to the First Princess birthday party. We brought the kids back with us that afternoon and started our five day stint as babysitters! I wasn’t sure how the kids would react when they were buckled into their car seats in our van, but they were fine and so we started our road trip on the back roads of Idaho.

Hundreds of photos were taken from the back seat! Aiden took a tiny nap while Bennett and Alayna played and babbled. It was a gorgeous blue sky day for both parts of the trip.img_1056 (1)

When we arrived home, remote control doggies were waiting for each boy and some baby toys for Alayna. Fattima and Ben ordered pizza and came to help with the kids. The next day Ben took the boys out to walk their dogs.IMG_1899My children at home were a huge help as always and there was definitely no shortage of laughter, playing and the odd fight here and there!

My kids went back to school and the weekly routine quickly turned to chaos. It is something I was used to when my children were small but I am much older now and that was evident from day one!

We made cookies (frozen kind) and lots of pasta!

Naps, diapers and play time all seemed to melt together until Thursday came and life returned to it’s normal routine. No more fingerprints on the t.v. screen and slider, toys are neatly tucked away and stored and today I will cook grown up food. It is strange and somehow familiar, this feeling of sadness and missing them. There is also a part of me that is eager to go to the bathroom alone and take a daily shower again!  I love you Aiden, Bennett and Alayna, thanks for the staycation!



One step forward

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity

From bridal shower

To vacation and babysitting!

But this weekend was mundane and time was spent organizing and getting back to routine. College kids have trickled into town and classes at our University start today.img_20180426_174511

My oldest daughter started a better job and moved to Seattle. She was kind enough to leave behind some of her furniture which was added to our guest room as well as the living room. Old, worn items were replaced with new and fresh and a cute chair, dresser and a queen bed were added to our guest room.

She also purchased a new vehicle and gave us her cute little black car. The next day it was totaled. My children are alive and healing both physically and mentally and everything else is just a speck on the screen.

2017- my three precious babies who were in the car when the accident occurred. IMG_2613

Life moves forward with lessons, heartaches and so many blessings. Children graduate, start new jobs, get married and move away. Each step I push, encourage and let them know it is ok and even mandatory that they move on with their lives. They worry, feel stressed and it is not easy for them to leave us behind. We were formed into a unit, a well oiled machine of protection, preservation and cooperation making sure each member of our team was taken care of.

We laugh, argue and support each one who moves forward with love, encouragement and the occasional toaster! They come back to spread joy and inspiration to the rest of us and of course board games, cards and cooking commence bringing back old times, memories and even some of the good times in Saudi. Pans bubble with sauce and new dishes are introduced to what has possibly become a boring routine. Laughter, hugs and new additions are all welcome under my roof.  It is sad, heartbreaking and joyful but it is my job and my mission to watch them grow and thrive no matter how it makes me feel. How does it make me feel?

            Proud and blessed in every way!IMG_7768

Cuddle bug days

This is our last week babysitting the kids! For the past couple of  weeks we have been making the two hour drive and staying four days, then home for three. This time it will be shorter and then we are back to routine.

It is amazing to be part of their lives

To see their kind hearts

And their beautiful souls

Those days

Naptime, selfies, a cuddle bug day

Sweet dreams and ice cream I wish we could stay

Carefree are moments when I am with you

Dance party, touch your head, sticky fingers too

Young people, infants, we all grow up

Wipe the floor, turn the page don’t spill your cup

Look back remember deep inside your mind

Hold it close and treasure it won’t be hard to find

Love you, Gaga


We arrived home from the beach and a few days later started three weeks of babysitting for our precious ones!

Daddy makes waffles with the boys

Fun at the park!

It is a unique experience to watch these babies grow, learn and develop! A whole different perspective is gained as a grandparent.


Babysitting is hard work and you have to catch some shut eye whenever and wherever you can!

We had a busy week watching the kids! When we got home I had a pounding headache and the next day sick all over and a sore throat! I went to quick care where they did a swab and it was positive for strep. As a child I had strep often but have not had it for maybe 40 years. Wow that makes me sound ancient!

I am slowly getting around to visiting blogs but excuse me if I am not around much for the next few days!

Here are highlights from our week and happy Sunday!


Just like old times

We are babysitting this week! The younger kids finished school last week and so far we have kept busy each day.

Princess with a shiny bow in her hair!

Of course there are many things the kids learn throughout the day.

There is a never ending buzz of activity

And good food when mom and dad cook us dinner.

An update on precious

Last weekend Osama took the kids and went to help my parents put up their tree and holiday decorations.

The boys, Great grampa and dad went out to grab some things from the store while Great Grama watched precious!

Before going on to become a V.P. she worked in the hospital nursery! I’m told she really enjoyed this alone time with her Great Grand daughter!