The weekend before Thanksgiving





The last day of school was Friday and now the kids have a week long break. This makes them happy and also brings me great joy as well. A menu has been posted, clean up jobs listed and the traditional family photo is scheduled.

Everyone will trickle into town over the next few days and guests will be divided between the newlyweds home and my house.

A competition over who has the best white elephant gift will inevitably continue from last year and a trophy that was fashioned for only one winner will be held in the highest regard! Meanwhile I will fawn over grandbabies, take the family picture and try to keep things on track in a loose but firm fashion. In other words, I am ready!

This weekend I made chocolate zucchini bread/cake and it was delicious! Moist, rich and decadent are the words I would use to best describe this cake. I am thinking of ways to change it so it is healthier and when I do, you will be the first to know!

Fattima and Ben popped over to share our special  Cougar gold cheese from Ferdinands on the W.S.U. campus. She made cheesies and I made chicken strips.

After getting a few groceries I had the pleasure of being waited on by my gorgeous daughter. What could be better? She also made peppermint bark which turned out well.

More decorations were placed around the house and finally I just threw up my hands and announced that is was time for Christmas!img_0998-1




She had noticed him months before and what started as innocent flirtation now turned into a combination of mixed emotions. He was cute, no, handsome and he talked to her when she walked near his area. He was different, respectful and clean cut, navigating the boundaries that she had carefully erected over years of conditioning.

Several opportunities had been missed as he slowly tried to engage in small talk dropping hints that ended up being cast off as normal conversation. His demeanor sparked her interest and now questions swirled through her mind. She had never imagined dating or getting married and could not think of entering into a relationship with someone who was not from her faith. It had been planted in her brain that this was forbidden and only now did she falter explaining how he made her laugh.

He sent her an instant message at work and nonchalantly posed the question” I have a gift card, want to catch dinner sometime?”


After Ben popped the question a flurry of planning, testing, creating and hard work began!

As the day drew closer we went to Fattima and Ben’s house to decorate and organize.


Prep work was completed during the two days that lead up to the big event until there was nothing else to do but place the final touches on our project!

The big day finally arrived and it was time to put it all together. Tupperwares full of fresh veggies, boxes of supplies, cream puff shells, oreo pops, bread and fresh lemon bars were all packed up and carted off to our venue (Fattima and Ben’s place).

The bride nervously paced and inspected, jumping in to help when allowed, meanwhile Ben decided it was wise to sit on the couch eating ramen noodles from a pan, keeping clear of the organized chaos.

Guests started to arrive around 1 p.m. where they checked in and were given an overview of events.

A quick turn to the photo wall and then onto water, coffee and a little snack.


The bridal party

Family and friends from both Bride and Groom’s side attended and the day began with Bridal Bingo, the apron memory game and finally a cute surprise video of Ben answering numerous silly questions that had been previously recorded!

Guests won prizes, people laughed and then it was time for a bite to eat!

Shortly after lunch the bride-to-be was asked to open gifts and of course that is when the real fun began!

Jacki kept track of the gifts and Alayna made her way around the room.

While people looked at a variety of bridal gifts including; bedding, cookware and even outdoor accessories, we assembled and arranged the dessert area.

IMG_20180715_144419 (3)

As the Bridal Shower came to a close the men started trickling in and with them our two special boys!

It was an amazing day and one that was never imaginable. It was assumed that my girls would marry men of their father’s choosing until I flat out declined and ultimately made the decision to stay in the U.S. nine years ago! This is a huge milestone for our family and one that will help guide us in further choices!IMG_8777 (1)