Affordable vet care


I adopted my Sophie almost a year ago! She is an amazing little girl and constant companion. Someone from blog world told me years ago to get a dog for anxiety. I never imagined I would be able to do that but thanks to my kids and parents I made that decision.

Sophie and I enjoy going out in the backyard several times a day but lately she has been yelping and crying for no apparent reason. Her right paw was so sensitive and she would not allow us to touch it. I have not been successful at clipping her nails and was worried she would have a fit if the Vet office tried, thus causing me anxiety. But yesterday it was totally obvious that there was no choice in the matter.

So I carted her to the Affordable Vet Care where she has been seen several times. They very gently put a soft muzzle on her because she was not going to allow anyone to help her otherwise! The vet hugged her as did the assistant. They were amazing and now my baby is ready to run and play again. Thanks to these places that make services available for a reasonable cost! In a world that might seem cold and insensitive at times, there are many people who are more than willing to be everyday heroes!

Full circle


When I was a child I got my first puppy and promptly named her tickles! Years that followed were filled with other cats and dogs. Animals brought a certain comfort and unconditional love.  It was the norm to have pets in our loving and warm household.

Then I married, had children and moved to the middle east, where we lived for 16 years. Pets were frowned upon and even forbidden in our household. When we moved back to the United States the same rule applied and it was a scary concept to even imagine having a pet.

Finally after ten years of living back home my kids helped me and supported me in fulfilling this dream. Last March I adopted my Sophie. In  many ways my life has come full circle and I am getting back to the real me! These photos are of my constant companion and sweet baby! She is beautiful, smart and feisty!


Clementine meets Choppy!

I recently purchased a good friend’s book and gifted it to Clementine. Both Mom and Dad read it and laughed heartily!

Clementine was unsure about breaking the rules and jumping up on my couch! After the initial invitation she took her chance!

She has been a bit under the weather but seems to be feeling better each day.

Thanks for making me smile Sarah!


Many of you may remember our precious granddog Clementine! She has become a very quiet girl now that she is no longer a puppy. She is visiting us for the week and is such a comfort to have around. Being the well behaved dog that she is, we could not get her up on the couch for a photo, but finally she agreed!

thumbnail_IMG_4662 (1)

thumbnail_IMG_4654 (1)

Early morning with Clementine



Watch dog

While visiting the kids over Spring break we also had the pleasure of seeing our special Clementine! She is older now and although she was excited to have company she was very calm and well behaved. She waited by the bedroom door each morning hoping someone would wake up and sit with her instead of impatiently jumping and blocking the bathroom door. She shook hands, gave high fives and rolled over, then stood waiting for a treat. She looked at me with her big eyes, but waited before jumping onto the couch, plopping her paws over and watching for her friend the cat to appear. It was great fun to see her and how she has grown! Miss you Clementine!