I have been totally absent from my blog for months. Testing and working on the cookbook has taken up most of my time. Family and friends have agreed to volunteer at testing recipes and now things are wrapping up. There have been several proofs made and the main work is now being done on formatting and making the book look as professional as possible. Testing still continues but on a smaller scale.

I have thought of my special friends and have missed you dearly! Thank you for thinking of me and for caring.

Many things have happened in the course of these months. High school graduation, College graduation, a Wedding and baby sitting the babies. Fattima and Ben went to London and Italy. Osama and Jacki went to Hawaii and Sumaya went to Disney world!

A big thank you to my good friend Marci over at koolaidmoms. She helped my daughter and her best friend plan their Disney World trip and that made all the difference!

Osama and Jacki went to Hawaii and I got to spend time with my grandbabies!

Meanwhile the newlyweds (who are coming up on one year) had a fantastic experience visiting London and various places in Italy!

Another huge change has been the addition of a new baby! I grew up with pets but given our situation it was forbidden.  I never imagined having a special little friend again.  Finally my kids convinced me to take the plunge and it is amazing!

Have a great day and so good to see you all once again!59918abb-8d1e-4966-8d52-7704224b4e01



Joy in morning

A wonderful blogger, Joy, came back from the beach and posted stunning photos. She asked if anyone wanted to write a poem after witnessing this beauty and inspiration. I certainly did feel inspired and decided to give it a try! Thank you Joy

Please do visit her over at: Nuggets of Gold   20181010_064937.jpg

Pictured above is a gorgeous photo from her recent post:The Splendorous Sky

Joy in morning

Sun does rise
Then lowers gaze
Colors stand
Inspiring praise
Meld and mingle
Soft yet bold
Coral gold

Weekend away

This was the first time we had the kids for the whole weekend without Mom and Dad around! They had a little mini vacation and we were happy to take care of our kids.

IMG_E6891Of course the usual people were on hand to help out!! The kids arrived on Friday morning and I was alone with the little ones for a couple of hours. In the afternoon Mude came home, got Heme and Deeja and then the fun began!

That night Fattima and B came over and took the boys to the neighborhood park. The next morning Foof made pancakes and the boys took little mini walks in front of the house with Aunties and Uncles. In the afternoon we took them to the mall and they had pretzel bites.

Sunday morning the boys woke Uncle Hehe up and ate chips in bed! Later it was time to play super hero and then Mom and Dad came home!

It was a wonderful weekend full of fun times and more memories!